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"I love what I do and want others to see that love shine through in my work. My hope is that by sharing my story, I will inspire others to pursue their passions and make their dreams come true."

Catherine Mary Stewart



Catherine Mary Stewart is a veteran of over 40 years as a performer. Beginning her career as a dancer in Canada and London, England, she transitioned to acting, starring in her first feature film in Europe at the tender age of 20. 


Catherine set aside her dance career to move to Los Angeles and pursue this new and exciting trajectory. Landing a major role on the soap opera Days of our Lives as the indubitable character Kayla Brady, Catherine’s career was catapulted to a new level when she landed lead roles in classic movies such as The Last StarfighterNight of the Comet, and the resilient screwball comedy, Weekend at Bernie’s


Throughout her impressive career, she has had the opportunity and pleasure to work with some of our time's most iconic actors and directors.


Not only does Catherine continue to work steadily in front of the camera, but she is also actively developing projects to fulfill her long-standing passion to direct for the big screen, television, and the theatre. 


Along with writing, producing, and directing an original short film, A Walk to Remember, Catherine is presently collaborating with writing partner Matthew Corolis and producer Michael Nolin on Cortes Story. This feature-length film is a contemporary and compelling mother/daughter narrative about confronting the challenges of sustaining successful careers in high finance and social media, respectively, and how the life choices that tore them apart ultimately bring them back together.


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New York, NY 10274



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After four decades in the acting industry, I feel that I’m in the best years of my life right now. I have more to offer, I’m more knowledgeable, and I’m more confident and curious than ever!

This is a business where you can be who you are, express yourself, reinvent yourself, and share your artistry with the world. You just have to do it.


I find myself exploring new opportunities to express myself, from writing and directing to producing projects and taking on new challenges. All areas that I hadn’t tackled before, but in some way, I had been preparing for my entire career. It takes a lot of work, commitment, and due diligence, but ultimately it is worth it!  


I’m someone who does not and will not give up. I am here to be heard, to teach, to encourage, and to prove that the sky is the limit, no matter what your age, gender, beliefs, or background.  

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